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Banks not using XRP


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3 minutes ago, Vvittin said:

Pretty crappy article....so much in fact, I believe crypto eri recently did a video on it.....but nice try?


It is clever FUD - I have been in crypto since 2013...blah blah blah......I worked in a big bank blockchain department and have an insiders view...blah blah blah......they use blockchain to look as if they are modern and will use Corda .....blah blah blah

Missing the elephant in the room that small FIs are now adopting and making XRP corridors work and will be confronting banks will competition that they will either have to match or lose against.  Companies like SBI and R3 are integrating banks with XRP.  Ripplenet is being adopted by banks as an XCurrent with the XRapid options not switched on (yet).

If crypto Eri  has given attention to this article she will have ripped it to shreds.


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In the future if you are going to post anything off the internet - please comment as to why you are posting it, what content you challenge or support and why.  This is to avoid the forum turning into a trashbin of "whatever" articles ', and instead stimulating actual conversation, not insinuation.  This goes for the comments subsequent to random links. Thanks!

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How many times are they gonna repeat this argument. Ofcourse they are not using XRP, it would be pointless to do so. 

First build out the messaging network across the globe (Xcurrent), then create corridors between different FIAT's (only 2 currently with exchanges), then create liquidity and only then it will start becoming interesting for banks to utilize XRP. Luckily for them, when they finally want to, it's the flip of a switch if they are on XCurrent allready.

I don't get why people want to invest into something that is allready doing what it is supposed to do instead of looking at potential it has. If XRP is doing what it is supposed to do, you're too late.

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