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Codius Smart Oracles / Multiple Hosts

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I am relatively new to smart contracts. I am learning about Codius as well as Chainlink. I see both white papers leverage research from Cornell, with Link also using the new Mixicles technology from Cornell (Ari Juels), whereas Codius uses Google Native client for running untrusted code.

I understand that Codius uses offline contracts for enhanced security. In Codius, how are the multiple hosts/independent smart oracles selected and incentivized? I know fault tolerance can be selected, but how do smart contract creators assess the performance and trust of the multiple hosts they are using for any given contract?

I've gained an understanding of how Chainlink's project is set up to address this, and I would like to understand how this is addressed with Codius. Your smart contract can only be as good as your weakest oracles, and a distributed and trusted oracles ecosystem are essential for many high-value use cases. How does Codius approach this?


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