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Breanne Madigan - OECD

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1 hour ago, Roaring_Twenties said:

Was a little surprised by the amount of empty seats...the Zerpening could have filled those seats. They’d be hanging on to her every word.

Robot , chicken,  wizard , ant , animals, cartoon characters, the seats would eventually be filled but it would be like herding cats lonesome GIF

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25 minutes ago, elias said:

Not really a level playing field if Ripple only subsidizes their market makers.


It’s called priming the pump.  VISA did it when they started too.  That’s the giant advantage that Ripple have...  a war chest to fund necessary steps on the way to that level playing field.  

It’s a bit encouraging to see how someone used to dealing with Institutional money views the current order books as very thin.  :JC_doubleup:

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