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Does ILP overlap with XRPL DEX? Are they Competitors?


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Suppose I wanted to convert 1 of my BTC to XRP and then send this XRP to my XRP Wallet.  Could I do this with either ILP or XRPL DEX? (assume both have good liquidity)

If I have a choice of using ILP or XRPL DEX why would I use one over the other?

Thank you.

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It depend.

If you issue token on XRPL, like ALV,  ILP is no use here. Only  DEX works here.

If you want to trade BTC to XRP,  theoretically ILP is better than DEX. But in reality you better use centralized exchanges.


     gateway(issuer) have counter party risk, lack liquidity( market maker), have orderbook, you can place limit order.


     connector have counter party risk( can be solved by stream payment), lack liquidity( lack connectors), don't have orderbook, you need query quotation from each connector(not user friendly),  can not place order.


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