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Bitcoin supported on ILP?


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I just watched this ILP Overview on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdCxrqP6w3I

In this video it states that in order for a Ledger to participate with ILP it must have Escrow functionality.  It's my understanding that BTC does not have Escrow functionality in its protocol.


Thus, bitcoins cannot be escrowed in the traditional manner. The buyer can sign a transaction that pays the seller, but this cannot be kept in escrow.

How is it then possible that BTC is supported on the ILP?  


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To avoid inefficiencies caused by creation and upkeep of an on-ledger escrow, payment channels on Interledger may operate on credit lines where participants elect the risk that they are willing to take with their peers.

So instead of forcing on-ledger escrow as a prerequisite in ILP, the Connector will take on the risk by providing the Sender Credit to move the transaction along?

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