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Brad Garlinghouse on CNN airing on 09/12


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John Stewart is the man. Both Fox News and CNN are biased in their own right. The beauty of xrp unlike our polarized nation is that it is agnostic when it comes to which currency is utilized. Hopefully everyone will realize that if politicians and the people supporting them were agnostic, to party as well, they would have to serve the people instead of small interest groups in order to maintain power.

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terrible grammer
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54 minutes ago, King34Maine said:

All of it's FAKE: CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, CBS.........

Not Fake but paid, follow the money and you will find what makes headlines on these networks.  The news is only as good as it's largest investors you too can buy your view being imposed whether it's truthful or not for a small fee! You ever pay attention that on every for profit network bad news is always first and foremost? Pain, Suffering and just all out mayhem sales.  Sad thing is every person is waiting for someone or something to fail, hell you see it here with the fudsters who really have no rhyme or reason to see XRP fail.

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