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No thread yet in rumored r3 purchase?

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People are talking about it. IDK.

Apparently there was there were some internal issues with engineers and managment bickering. The founders are from wallstreet. Who knows if the founders want out and can turn it over for a profit maybe that possibility exists. Again it is all speculation and I wouldn't take the rumours as truth.

We know SBI is a stakeholder in R3 and we Know SBI is a stakeholder in RIpple. We know R3 has links to swift. We know Ripple would be giddy to help swift with their settlement issues. We also know Ripple and R3 have had some quarrels so who knows. I think, and this is speculation. If the opportunity exists and it benefits Ripple then it could happen. 

Again right now it is a rumour and nothing more. 

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R3 is involved in many projects and different sectors other than finance and payments:



I don’t think Ripple is interested on spending time and resources on all that. Could Ripple become an investor/partner? For sure. What the terms could be? Who knows. 

Corda can already use XRP through the CordaSettler. Only thing that is missing is integration with xCurrent/xRapid. 

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