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RizaCity: xrp #1 thru gaming


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I want to give you my app idea that will help Ripple become the go to crpyto. 

Please read, share and comment ..want to know what you all think. Maybe I need to explain it better...plz ask questions.

RizaCity is an app that is similar to Pokemon Go, gamers will download the app and chase zombies around their respective cities. These zombies are generated from membership fees that gamers will gladly pay. The cost of membership is $25 a month, the company keeps five and the twenty will go into a escrow account we hold for when gamers cash out. That twenty is than turned into 2000 zombies with each being worth one cent. Gamers will hunt down these zombies and get a penny per kill. The average game will make hundreds even thousands a week legally of course. Gamers will collect their kills and when their ready they will have to go to RizaCity Mall to cash out.

This is how Ripple is incorporated into the game....we will take ten percent of gamers membership fees and buy xrp. This single wallet will be managed by us but, belong to the 300 million plus gamers/members. The goal of this wallet is to manage millions of coins for the gamers and slowly deposit profits back into the game. For example, if the value of the wallet is $20 million today and $60 million next year, we'll introduce ten million dollars in zombies into RizaCity. Not to mention that the gamers monthly memberships will keep growing as well as the game grows. Gamers will have plenty to play for and keep them playing.

So when a gamer converts his kills for xrp he or she does it thru that main wallet. The idea here is that xrp will be supported by the members and xrp will support the game. My dream would be that the players wallet will have a value of hundreds of billions.  The price per zombie is a penny it will never change but the price of xrp will. For example, if a member has 35000 kills, its $350. So if the value of xrp is two dollars today or five hundred next week the gamer is still only cashing in $350 dollars. RizaCity Mall will be were they can buy anything from gift cards to houses using xrp from companies that will build their virtual store fronts.

The only way to be truly successful is to make sure the gamers are our top priority. If we keep them happy there is no stopping us. Games are entertaining to some point than they either end or get boring. RizaCity will never end and will give all gamers a career doing what they love.

The ultimate goal is to have a billion members with a gamers cash account that backd the crpyto and a wallet of  millions xrp that backs the game. We will never stop buying xrp but, once we reach a certain value we will take five percent and convert it into zombies for gamers every month. The virtual mall will also generate billions in revenue which we'll take twenty percent and convert into zombies monthly. Advertising in the mall will generate billions and the same thing because, to be successful the gamers must make a living. 
Ask yourselves this, if xrp reaches 100k plus per coin who wouldn't accept it. RizaCity does what no one has been able to. It brings in the masses that will buy, sell accept and spend every single day. When I say the masses im talking about the public but, also millions of millions of business all across the world. These companies will accept xrp and at the end of the month sell them back to us at the value it was accepted.

I've also figured out how to keep this app #1 ...gamers will not just hunt down zombies but also one another.  Players will see each other as zombies and if a player kills another player he gets his money, Its almost like a Fornite battle royale but in real life.

There is so much more, thank you for your time and please contact me at your convenience.

Please share my post with everyone you know...the world needs this game. Gamers will be able to quit their jobs and play this full-time as a career.

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