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Beginners Guide: Intro


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Part of the new Community Beginners Guide series.

Disclaimer: This post is directed at the existing community rather than newcomers to ripple, XRP or the forum.

Difficulty level: LOW

Hints: The images are also direct links

The Issue

With Ripple’s pivot to financial institutions there is no one guide for the average newly interested user who may want to dabble their toes into the wonderfully complex world of ripple (ex: if you don’t know why Ripple is sometime capitalized and other times not you are a new user).

I have always been impressed with the community on this forum (and its predecessor) and its willingness to help newcomers through the joys and sorrows that is ripple. However, with the increasing interest in ripple and XRP, not just direct from the cryptocurrency crowd but from fintech virgins, it is becoming more and more apparent that there is a need for a basic introduction guide that newcomers can be pointed to.xrpchat.thumb.gif.bac945e4e3d7d5c2944a7d0014dee02b.gif


To that end I am starting a Community Beginners Guide series. This is not to replace Links and Resources, which is a great feature, but to expand and enrich the section. The first post can be found here. I am opening this up to the community for suggestions on what to write about next, and to any who might want to participate in writing . Some simple guidelines:

  • No need to re-invent the wheel. While Ripple is no longer supporting consumer facing services they still put out some information, such as how to purchase XRP. Some Gateways also put out how-to guides and obviously can explain their own services better. Also, it is always better to source material directly. Information changes, especially when dealing with evolving technology, the actual services have teams to upgrade information while the forum is volunteer run. Most links to these direct answers can already be found under the Links and Resources tab.
  • Most be written in everyday English that could be understood by the average layman. This is a beginners guide, if there is demand/ interest a intermediate version could be considered at a later date. Ex: This means all acronyms, terminology, etc. have to be explained, or written out at least once.
  • While keeping it simple we want to keep it uniform and professional. Have someone on the forum proof the post for errors (I will gladly help), have good images, correct links, etc. Also make sure to post first any disclaimers and a difficulty level. If officially part of the series make sure its mentioned in the title (see the first post as guide). The idea is that the first post on the subject can answer most if not all the needs of a beginner without them having to scroll down a few pages of comments to understand it.
  • Make sure the disclaimer is clear and concise, we do not want to mislead people. For reference see the other existing guides as examples. I include a difficulty level as a reference guide to readers.

A big thank in advance to everyone and big welcome and good luck to our new members.


Guides so far:

Beginners Guide: XRP First Steps Simple first steps to acquiring XRP including 1) opening a wallet, 2) wallet funding/ buying XRP, and 3) sending the first XRP.

Beginners Guide: Creating a Cold Ripple Wallet (2.0): Featuring the creation a cold/ paper wallet. This was formerly a service provided by Ripply.eu and now Bithomp. Free, simple and easy.

Beginners Guide: Desktop Wallet Step by step instructions in downloading and installing XRP CHAT WALLET, the creation and activation of new wallet and the first few steps to becoming a ripple user.

Beginners Guide: What is a wallet? How do my coins get stored? How does cryptocurrency work anyway? This post goes over what a wallet is, what the common different types of wallets are and their differences, and how wallets can be used at a basic level.

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I have been receiving requests for new guides, however, once I have free time I tend to forget what the requests were for :).

To that end I am pinning this topic and sending a link to this post to all those requesting new guides. Please post requests below, I will do my best to work on some new ones as soonTM as possible. Or if interested, please create your own guides based on the outline above.


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I'm a newbie and would really appreciate a true intro to Ripple - i.e.:

- What IS Ripple?

- Why is Ripple cool?

- What are the advantages of Ripple over other cryptos?

- Why/ why won't Ripple be successful?

- How will Ripple become successful?

- What to watch out for?




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