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Charting the course of XRP


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XRPBTC chart update.

4H- expecting to see some consolidation, perhaps for as long as a few days. There is much less obvious support here than the USD chart. 


Daily - expecting eventually to move to this area, that is a 50% increase from where we are now


Weekly - long term I am expecting something like this, that is a 300% increase from where we are now. Even then we wouldn't be halfway to the all time high. The upside potential for XRPBTC is just so so big. We were literally starting this run from the absolute bottom. If we get anything like this movement, XRP is in the stratosphere or BTC is getting absolutely destroyed. Let's see what happens.


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If XRPBTC will hit 0.00023 and BTCUSD stay 58000, price will be 13.37 USD ( well actually 13.34, but due to leet added 3c )


If XRPBTC will hit 0.00023 and BTCUSD 120000, price will be 27.6 USD

And mega bull run scenario

If XRPBTC willl hit 0.00023 and BTCUSD 325000, price will be 74.75 USD

At 325000 USD per BTC, market cap will be circa 6.2T

At 74.75 USD per XRP, market cap will be circa 3.3T

If we say that April 2021 is similar to when BTC was 4000, that was mid August 2017, than BTC that time was more than 50% of overall Market Cap. 

If we say that 58000 is our top and alts are topping now, than last bull run XRP made around 50% of top of BTC ATH, so 50% of 1.2T is 600B, that is 13.3 USD per XRP.

We can say SEC took half of it, it still 6.65 USD per XRP.

We can take median of 3 scenarios above, divide by 2 and still get 16.6 USD

💗 Numerology

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7 hours ago, Neurotoxin said:

Sorry I'm late. XRP IS CHADDING!!! Btw, what do you mean by THAT type of guy? I've had severe insomnia since I was a child, the doctors still don't know how to treat it and while the heavy sedatives I am prescribed help to some degree, they are by no means a solution or magic. Simply a tool to help me get there.

I was pulling your leg :-) by 'that' type of guy I meant someone that doesn't keep their word. Said that because we were over a dollar when you replied. I was just playing with you, it's funny how people react in forums. The verb to Chad almost becoming Taboo just because some other guys said that it sounded disgusting. Honestly, who cares we're all on the same team and I'm just happy to see XRP do well after what seems like forever. I hope everyone is happy too, I know some of us sold our XRP bags and I hope those people that did moved into a different project that did well. It's hard to lose in a bull market, but always dangerous to chase pumps imho

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6 hours ago, B088IN said:

Each to their own, some people shout louder than others. Most are happy that they stuck through the bad and hopefully enjoying finally seeing the small glimmer of light at the end of tunnel. I’m glad I learnt years back that chasing candles was really the only way to loose. I left it and let it do it’s thing, invested in other coins and did the same with those. All my investments are now in the green, some more than others. I have exit points and I’ll stick to them. Those who take profits when it makes sense to them, fair play, only you know what you need from this, don’t let others tell you otherwise 👌

I was looking back through my transaction history this morning and found my first substantial XRP purchase (1/5th my current holdings). I bought it at $3.50AUD. I knew nothing about cryptocurrency then but had enough interest in it to risk a small punt on the market. After the price tanked throughout 2018 and into 2019, I read and watched the activity here. I continued to add little parcels of XRP to my holdings, some purchased for as little as $0.35AUD.

I've continued to watch and learn. Made a couple of small sales at the highs, bought back when the price dropped - on average, about 30% - and just, I dunno, kept the faith. 

I'm a fairly simple guy. I'm encouraged by the events of the past few days, but I'm not deluding myself into thinking these gains couldn't all be wiped away in the days to come. 

But I am hopeful. 

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17 minutes ago, WarChest said:

New Tax year in UK, some can now sell after waiting for their new capital gains allowance

How can a country see how much you have on Bitstamp? You could sell and buy but keep it on there no?

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As hoped we are finding a bit of support here. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw another test of support and then it would be nice to see us keep moving. One of the characteristics of the btc run up was consistent bullishness, just inching upward more or less continuously. I would like to see this daily candle close with a wick at the bottom, then the next daily candle makes a new high, and so on like that. We don't need 50% increases day on day, but a steady continuous push would be very welcome.


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