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Charting the course of XRP


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wow. I step away from crypto and this price surge happens. It's incredible. 

XRP and the XRPL has incredible potential. I can't imagine why this would not take off sooner or later. I hope we blast 1 dollar again and never return.

Relist XRP!

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16 minutes ago, 4Fingers said:

I don’t want to ruin the party but is nobody afraid of potential bad news for Ripple as result of today’s discovery call, leading to a dump? I feel everyone is expecting only good news.

There will almost certainly won't be any news today. It's just a hearing. However, it's likely that there will be a judgement later in the week or sometime next week. I don't know how long Judges wait before issuing their decisions, but I believe this is the last of the hearings she wanted before issuing a decision on multiple motions.

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