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Charting the course of XRP


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32 minutes ago, Seoulite said:

 I agree, the previous moves to this proved that XRP can move regardless of the SEC case. It is possible that this move now is linked to the SEC but it doesn't have to be. As you say, a lot is happening outside the US. Also XRP was the only big coin that hadn't moved. People who can make money off it will use it to make money. They don't give a damn about maxis and FUD and whatever. It's a market they can push around, so they do it. 

I would guess  lot of investors made a decision not to invest in XRP until it crossed .65 or .75 resistance.  XRP can lock up your money, and holding XRP whilst everything around went up has been a big loss maker for many more agile crypto investors.  .65 was a signal to join the train.

SEC case optimism may have been an influencer, but I think this move has been inevitable and overdue to happen

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5 minutes ago, w1s said:

If this was happening a week ago, not on the day of the hearing I would say no. But today, I'm a little worried that it is yes.

This will happen to the sec after todays hearing



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48 minutes ago, Panopticon said:

90% of Ripples customers are not in the US. 90+% of $XRP trading volume occurs on exchanges outside the US. $XRP is NOT a security in Singapore, the UK, Switzerland, and Japan or North Korea. People who dumped massively because of the SEC case are long gone now from XRP. Bad news will not have much impact anymore. Good news on the other hand will.

Not exactly, I am an Asian living in Taiwan and I bought XRP back in 2017. I pay close attention to the SEC news and I look into the lawyer's YouTube channel. Crypto is a global thing, where I am located didn't impact my decision to buy and sell. I read the same news as you guys and I have the same concern.

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18 minutes ago, Seoulite said:

Just gone 6am on the US East Coast. It's morning in America!

Come on you wealthy yanks, get off your mobility scooters and throw some fiat in.

I did just wake up at 6am a little while ago to $1 XRP 🍌. Unfortunately the only buying i'm doing is the interest NEXO is paying me.

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