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Charting the course of XRP


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4 hours ago, Hopium said:

same here, i didnt took profits back in 2017 because my stash is too small, even if it mooned already, yes the money is still quite big to me, but nowhere near life  changing, so i continued to hold, expecting it to hit greater heights, but it didnt end well, you know the rest.

all of coins, XRP and EOS and some others, didnt cash out at their peak, so im left holding the bag for few years till now.

one thing is, since i bought EOS at very bottom, during all these years of bear market, it is the only ONE coin that has been green forever, the rest has been forever red until recently

yeah we need plans, i clearly believe $10 is not the top, but i'm willing to cash out 88% at that price, because it is considered life changing money at that point after i've been buying for the past few years in bear market, life changing enough to not work anymore, but not enough to live a luxurious life and spend big every day. A small part of me still disagree to sell at such an early price of $10, but i will follow it no matter what

will sell another 8% when it hits 100, 88% divide by 10 = 8%, $10 multiply by 10 = $100, so cashing out at $100 using 8%, has the same amount of return as cashing out at $10 using 88%, so it is like cashing out 2 times for the same big gains, that's my plan

lastly, always reserve some % just in case it mooned to hopium levels such as $589 and $1000 and $35,000

want a general rule of thumb? first major sell off should be at the top extension of Fibo, which is between 10 to 15 dollars, i picked 10 for a round number and psychological barrier

basically my plan





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15 minutes ago, Hopium said:

Hopium hose directly into your mouth:

Look at the below XRPUSD daily chart, look at the blue horizontal line, here's the thing,

1. in first yellow mark, price broke below it

2. second yellow mark, price attempt to break this blue line but failed, this level acted as resistance

3. third yellow mark, price successfully broke this level and retested this to confirm as support level

4. fourth yellow mark, retest the same level as support to give it extra confirmation, then have a bullish start in terms of price action


Buckle up bois.

I, the great frog of hope, witnessed and confirmed this TA, signed off, the verdict is there is only 1 way it can go



Let's go. You will be the first frog on the moon!

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17 hours ago, Seoulite said:

Flare is barely on the radar of people in this forum. I think when it comes onto the scene a whole lot of people are gonna be wondering why they didn’t pay attention sooner.

I'm with you on this, Seoulite. I've been participating in the beta, and monitoring the main Discord. 

Choosing XRP holders as the recipients for the gifting of the Sparks was just brilliant !
What other community of hodlers contain more characteristics like these...

  • technically brave 
  • patient (heh)
  • optimistic
  • persistant af 
  • willing to study and learn

I recall reading that over one million XRPL accounts are expected to receive the airdrop.
Which makes for one ginormous pool of yield-farming participants primed and ready for launch day.

Has any other DeFi / staking project launched with such a qualified and ready-to-go group this big as Flare has ?

Add to this, the FOMO behavior of the "Great-Land-Grab" initial rush, and battle royal to secure their share of the very scarce and highly desired 10k YFIN allotment - even in the beta this is the primary focus of us farmers.

IMHO, the (June/July) launch will be startling with its level and hype at launch.

Just pray it goes smoothly, heh.

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1 hour ago, MQB said:

Hopium of the day: FLR is gonna be worth $1000 a token soon!

IMHO a more realistic hopium would be YFIN being worth over $200 after six months of Production deployment.

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3 hours ago, ManBearPig said:

Is YFIN being airdropped?

To my knowledge, no. DFLR will be airdropped. It then must be redeemed for YFLR. YFIN can be farmed, bought, or acquired through swapping. I believe it must be farmed first before other options become available.

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5 hours ago, Wolfparty said:

To my knowledge, no. DFLR will be airdropped. It then must be redeemed for YFLR. YFIN can be farmed, bought, or acquired through swapping. I believe it must be farmed first before other options become available.

Thanks I just read about the the snapshot of flare wallets one month after network goes live to airdrop DFLR, was not aware of that (to @Seoulite ‘s point of many here not fully aware with what is going on with FLR).

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