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Charting the course of XRP


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3 minutes ago, Baka said:

Kraken not working , just because of XRP pump/dump.

can't buy or sell.. always the same problem everytime there is a price movement.

Nothing is working now. Rigged game.

Can't handle this kind of volume? What if the volume increases dramatically in the coming months?

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7 minutes ago, B088IN said:

I guess it goes to prove without a doubt that all the TA and analysis etc is worthless, its a proven manipulated scene and will be until regulation is introduced and enforced, then utility will take over speculation, well thats the hope

Not really some feature are quite reliable.


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Am I allowed to say I was shocked to see people here genuinely trying to analyze/time this poorly orchestrated scheme? Twitter is one thing, but you hope to see a little more rationality here. Yet there are long time users jumping in at .70 and getting locked out of their exchanges. Come on, people. Let's be a smarter community than that. 

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Just now, Moonraker said:

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why you should always use a stop loss.

Managed to sell a portion of my XRP at $0.62 and rebought at 0.44 resulting in adding 10k to my stack :)

Lmao, i was tryna join you cept the exchange wouldnt load!  Im out for a .3x buy back :P

...if i cant get back in

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So just to put things into perspective... XRP is still the best performing asset in my portfolio this week (+52%). Everything is a sea of red on CMC. Even if we go back down to the .30s, XRP is still performing great. 

Traders are having a blast with this, it's wild, but the apocalypse is not quite there yet!

PS: Check the daily chart on December 22nd 2017. It was a fun day too!

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28 minutes ago, RipMcGillicuddy said:

I'm not any part of this, but my response would be: because there is hardly anywhere to go to reliably buy/sell XRP right now. Because in the version of Idiocracy that we live in, the people have given the few exchanges that do still trade XRP 3 days notice ahead of when they planned to do the illegal pump and dump. 

but we all do know that when there are green candels, then the red ones wil follow pretty soon, and today is just another day that 

prooves it again.

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