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Charting the course of XRP


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5 minutes ago, Baka said:

Are you going to sell??? 🙄

Not at this very moment as we speak because it could go beyond 1 dollar, but when it would drop hard again, 

then i want to sell at 65-60ct. I'm sure this is a temporary pump so now i want my share of it because i waited

3 years now for xrp going to the moon and it won't happen, so i would also be happy with "only 100-150% profit

depending how low it wil go after this ride.

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Just now, jamie998 said:

There are always permanent increases🤦‍♂️ If there weren't then BTC would be around zero like when it was created.

I'm not going to get into how it works, cba. Congrats, you did make me chuckle when you slung 'kid' my way.

Hopefully we see $2+ and I should be able to cream enough to start paying tradesmen to build my house rather than the slow laborious route of doing it myself!

Yes, the same applies to XRP, imho the SEC news is now factored into the price (although I don't know for sure and would never claim to - that's the only bit of your post I had a 'problem' with). Your views are as valid as mind and most likely we'll both turn out to be incorrect. But... to your point not long ago XRP was trading as you know, for fractions on the penny and we've stabilised more recently in the bear market around the 0.2 - 0.3 c range so you're right. XRP has seen a perm price increase, but I think you know that and your point is more about whether XRP will see a permanent rise from here, i.e. a price rise that lasts beyond days and we get new resistance, something like in the dollar range etc. Well I share your caution and most others do, and I would say the new landscape is more tricky and dangerous the green fields have land mines in them. Even thought we've been warned for years that XRP could be a security did anyone ever really see the SEC doing what they did? I certainly didn't, not because it was never possible, but more the manner in which they did it seemed hostile in a way I never thought would happen. It shook me up and no doubt countless others. But now the dust is settling and I believe personally that the way the previous chairman dropped his law suit a day before retirement actually shows his total lack of confidence in it - it was abhorrent, unprofessional and disgusting, but underlying my emotions if it were me and I was confident about taking Ripple to task I would have set the wheels in motion a long time ago. The SEC don't exactly have a history of covering themselves in glory and for me this is potentially another blunder that when we look back on it, we'll be surprised at how badly they handled it and Ripple will go on to succeed. Long term bullish, short term who the heck knows. The pump we're seeing will likely last a few days imho, but we'll retrace to around >0.4c I think

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10 minutes ago, Troote said:

In a nutshell:

- the lawsuit is not as bad as it looks and Ripple will not lose (they will either win or settle)

- the US are not the world

- Ripple published their defense to the lawsuit a few days ago and have shown a solid defense

- Flare will launch in May and XRP holders will have the biggest returns for minting FXRP (access to the biggest FLR reward pool).

Even if ODL fails in the US, the fundamentals are still good for XRP.

the question is: if they settle will they be allowed to resume dumping?

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5 minutes ago, Xrpdude said:

 we'll retrace to around >0.4c I think

Funny you that, I was just on the blower to my mucka about this and I said that I think we'll drop back down to 04-0.5. 

So its a case of pick a sell point and then iron hands all the way back down, ignoring any dead cat bounces🤷‍♂️

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Just now, Xrpdude said:

I think there's going to be investor pressure, if not regulatory, that will at the very least seriously temper it

Let's hope it really: I am really very uncomfortable with this fact (dumping) and I do not know if I will reinvest in xrp.

Look at it now: they're merciless.

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