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Charting the course of XRP


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Here’s a radical thought - I think if this case takes upwards of an year or more, it might push most of the retail XRP trading in the US to decentralised exchanges and I think there is a chance it’ll never come back, or have a need to - especially the longer it takes for the case to be settled.

I think trading XRP will go a very very different route than anyone can imagine today, for the better.

For example, I plan on swapping my XRP to FXRP, participate in Flare and Flare Finance.  The whole ecosystem is highly dependent on unique features on the XRPL. At some point of time, I hope someone builds automatic money maker capability natively on XRPL (there has been recent discussion on Twitter) too.

There isn’t much to make me move my XRP to an exchange except for one reason: better spreads with higher liquidity. If the Flare ecosystem takes off, it’s a net negative for me and any XRP holder to not participate in it. The high liquidity will be available either natively on XRPL or in Flare.

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41 minutes ago, Baka said:

Dot is getting crazy right now 

I do not own any but it will gets XRP 4th place in some minutes

XRP now 5th 😔

I was going to invest in DOT but kept the stake in XRP. I still hope it was the right choice down the line 👌

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