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Charting the course of XRP

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42 minutes ago, pichkaro said:

with all those americans shooting each other in front of Capitol what is the chance crypto to stay bullish?

If could actually help. Political and social unrest often drives investors into flight-to-safety investments. Crypto is seen by many as the new digital gold. 

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I was participating undercover :).  The trolls became too overwhelming while XRP was in the dumps, I figure its safe to come out again.

These threads are being derailed by childish banter, could you please keep things on topic and move your chit chat elsewhere. The forum is becoming less interesting for many of us.

Happy Monthly candle close everyone!  XRPBTC closed above 2555 which was my bullish level. This is a great sign. I think it is now reasonable to expect the next monthly candle to be either a 50% i

1 hour ago, Julian_Williams said:

well don't do it all - several old hands are saying xrp is now the best buy, so keep some and split the rest between xlm ada and maybe some wild cards xtz, vet, eos

Of course, I was only gonna do a stack equivalent to my high cost buy ins. (I did a $2k buy in at 60) the ones before that were all 15, 22, 25, etc) I had played once with my stack and ended up losing a few K XRP and left it alone since then. I pay attention to old hands but I am also wary of them.

From what I’ve learned in the past through my mistakes, is to always be extremely skeptical of what final price is being called for (I hope nobody on this forum feels personally attacked by my example because what I’m talking about is from an experience outside of the forum and in another market).

If someone or a group of people with “high credibility” or a lot of experience, just overall big presence in an industry or audience are calling for say, $500k, then I’d rather cash out at 250k cuz they’re likely gonna cash out MUCH lower than what they’re calling for and emptying their bags on retail who think they’re buying in at a great price because it’s going up to half a mill. “JP morgan said so! Forbes said this and that!”. “Very credible sorces are calling for this and that!”.

All of that has to be taken with a shovelful of salt and a wheelbarrowful of skepticism. 

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BTC 37k and its even not a full first month of bull run


Last time BTC went from 1350 to 2967 and it took 3 months and 1 day, 120% increase. Funny thing that during that period it had only 2 corrections:

1.) Exactly after it took new ATH 1350 and it went down to 891. Process last 15 days

2.) After 2.5 months of bull run it went to 2760 and than down to 1860, which is around 40%


Unless we see shortest bull run in our history

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3 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:

I think XRP is launching from a very low base.  Eric123 says his XRP target is $10.  I think XLM should be about half that, but this market is crazy

sold my XLM at 0.4$ , I'm sure it'll go much higher tho.

But I can't stand having such a small bag of XRP , and price is so low too so I'll rebuy some 

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