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Charting the course of XRP


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I guess being in the UK allows me more flexibility to this across the pond in the USA. 
Love sitting back without stressing over the price anymore as well. I remember when I first got into XRP late 2017 this sort of movement would of got me panicking all over the place and I’d of had kittens by now 😆 

But I’m now happy with my stack and DCA and will see what happens in the long run. I have my outs and will wait and see if happens. I guess this price fluctuating must be freaking new entries into crypto out 😂 

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I don't think this is a bull trap. The volume is massive, only second to the buy volume which created that bullish engulfing candle we saw at .22.


Being rejected at .38 is not unexpected. That was previous support, and .38 fib retracement.

I would not be surprised to see a back test with .305. Need to confirm we have that monthly support still.

If .38 falls, a quick surge to .44 would be in the cards next.

(not investment advice)

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4 minutes ago, xrp_sea said:

I doubt the courts will even need to get involved with this. I believe the new leadership will dismiss this quickly.

Its better to have rulling through the court, Ripple need to win and prove that XRP is not SEC, the court word is more important thab SEC, it will put XRP in better position for identification than any other asset.

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