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Charting the course of XRP


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3 hours ago, Hopium said:

@retep stop whining, it's normal xrp lags behind, even better this way so you can still load up more bags, smart people look for assets that still havent pump yet and buy it

i share the same feeling as you, xrp should be at least $1 now, but only whales can give the green light for pump, it will have its turn, it is in top 5 marketcap after all, the top coins always get the love during the bull run, but not so sure about the no-name coins

i have a few other bags of crypto, they were within top 100 at 2017 (with use cases i believe in), but after the bear market those coins dropped in rank to the 100 to 200 rank, until now no signs of bouncing back and still 90% in the red, while xrp and btc already returned to life and give my overall portfolio a green color

after all these years o bear market you should have titanium mind and hands already, nothing shall hurt, it's only as simple as waiting for X price target to reach then simply press sell and cash out, if it doesnt happen yet, just live your another day of normal life, check prices for fun time to time with no hard feelings, until goal reached, simple enough to do right?

Well you're right, i reacted too soon and should have give xrp more time to react on btc. I just got back from work and see

that xrp is at 65 cents now, so it's going way better then, but still not good enough because when btc stays above 23k, then i want to see a dollar

before this week is over and 2 dollars before christmas and 3 dollars on new years day! Now gimme a shot of hopium because i could use some alright :lol:

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