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Charting the course of XRP


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2 minutes ago, smoothy said:


I read things like "xrp should be at 1 or 2 usd by now". Should it? Is there a law that tells xrp what to do? Or was there a memo I missed?

And hey, it could be at 2 dollars in a week. Will it? I don't know? Should it? No (see above).

We are still victims of the whales. The big boys decide what happens. If they decide that xrp should go up, it will at this stage. And if it does and it reaches the targets I have set, I will cash out.

But if it does not, if the big boys tell xrp to sit and not grow, well, so be it. The price you see today, the price of all crypto's, is just speculation. It does not reflect the real value. Value comes from usage, and there a see a big market for xrp. I see use cases no other crypto has. And now with Flare, all is possible. Does this mean price will go up beyond previous ATH? I don't know, nobody does. But if you were to move billions over the xrpl, price has to be higher than today. Yes, there are 100 billion coins, but half of them is locked up. The only xrp that can be used are those in the order books.

And that is why I hold on to xrp. Right now, if the whales decide so, a bullrun could start that takes xrp well over 10usd. But if no such bull run happens, we still have a plan B, and that is to wait until usage drives the price higher. Will this happen? I surely hope so, but I am not sure.

I do agree.  Price is crypto is voodoo and has very little relationship with long term potential of a crypto product to fit into the markets of the future.  XRP, with its speed, ODL, security, regularity compliance, saleability, chosen utility case, support team, connections, wealth and now most importantly the missing ingredient  SC abilities is uniquely placed.

Those complaining about the longer consolidation period are not taking into account XRP went up 33,000% in 2017, which is why it dropped more heavily and took a longer time to reach consolidation.  These last few weeks, since it broke .305 and out of consolidation, it has been the best performing crypto.  As speculative buy it is probably the best placed investment in cryptospace, not least because it is no 3 in the list below two cryptos that have serious problems of scalability, speed and cost.

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50 minutes ago, JJJ2 said:

it depends how fast you think the use case will become true.

I have a time span around 10 even 12 years.

But in any case I do not like watching my account and realizing that I'm 40% down even if I hope that price will eventually recover. But let's say xrp crashes to 0,001. Well then I can buy such an amount that if it goes back to 0,35$ I will have earned more than with the sum I invested when it was 0,3 the first time I bought it.

In the event that it just crashes to 0,000... than I am simply unlucky and that's all. I would still survive.

But when price becomes too low it's very easy to buy and therefore investors would push it again. This is what happened in 2018-2019. Price was stable in the 0,2-0,35$ region and this was a good proof of stability.

Of course if ripples goes bankrupt then, I mean still an asteroid can hit the earth, etc. etc. there's no limit to bad luck. :D

Well, the context was that if price crashes than it kind of brings all kind of whales. Which is arguable, if I am a whale with millions $, I would go to Ripple to buy from escrow with all kind of contracts. But anyways, look, for you it was bespoke cool entry point @ .10 for long time investors, that bought and expect xMillions return in 20 years it a bad event, but again it has to be validated or invalidated with a price action in coming months, if XRP regains ATH and doulble/tripple that than you can take your millions, if lucky to spot ATH.

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1 hour ago, Panopticon said:


Pretty much true, it is mostly 70+ plus people that DIE. But for every dead person you get another 20 persons that need hospitalization and another 20 people that will have to deal with permanent damage eg. in the lungs due to pneumonia fir the rest of their lives.  That is a heavy burden for every healthcare system.

False. There are younger people dying. Pre-existent disease is considered merely being overweight or having some high blood pressure. A person 50 years old can easily deal with such problems and live another 30 years.

Of course flu which is 10 times less contagious than covid will disappear with social distancing, lockdowns and masks. Makes perfect sense.


Now that your crap is answered back to XRP please.

don't worry covid cured cancer

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Did you see the reports of the vaccine? they are now saying even after you take it you still have to wear a mask, social distance, and not travel. oh and it can paralyze half your face. but don't worry its totally worth destroying your self and the economy for a slightly worse flu. in fact they are recommending you take it at a primary care facility because it has a good chance to put you in anaphylactic shock

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9 minutes ago, Julian_Williams said:

this is  not good @patriot420 you are way off topic

oh so i can't speak on the subject but i have to listen the NPC speak about it. i love double standards. feel free to speak to those that brought it into the thread, it wasn't I who did that. i said what needed to be said since the cat was out of the bag. im over the whole thing. i suggest they don't bring it up again 

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