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Charting the course of XRP

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Calm down bois, 100,000 cartons of Hopium supply incoming, take your doses accordingly below: 1. Timing of the SEC case is just weird, if anything is fishy, it probably is. Considering Ripple try

I've been holding XRP long enough to know that after a 10% drop in price over a day or two, people talk about broken promises.  After a 10% rise over a day or two, people talk about how XRP is The Sta

A few people have now been dismissed for awhile, and the others issued warnings.  If anyone continues to feel the need to troll this or other threads there are other places for you.  Let's keep on top

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told ya, no retrace, pamp it straight to 50c.

if @RussianStandards and @Baka were to play russian roulette with me, both of them would have died.
The pamp is so great @LetHerRip changed his avatar, this time he is genuinely smiling instead of smiling in pain

@Neurotoxin is so deep in the green he's going to treat everyone Fugu fish buffet

welcome to crypto, where you can erase 20% loss overnight and become 20% profit

if this is not the bull run, what is?


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Daily dose of hopium ("Royal Unicorn" flavor, on the house)

1. Reddit sentiment rocketed overnight, the usual dead single digit to at most 10-20 comments are now 608 comments.

2. People are gobbling up supplies in Paypal for crypto, now the Paypal thing is stage 2 (lifted the limit per purchase), stage 3 is happening "early 2021" to be available "GLOBALLY", this coincide with the bull run, things can only go up here, no retrace, dont try to TA it @Baka

3. Official news outlet started reporting on bitcoin, reaching the 20k high (or approaching 19k to soon reclaim 20k), this further send shockwaves.

4. Time and time again saying this run is driven by institution, i bet kitao almost finished his blinking



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