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Charting the course of XRP

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Calm down bois, 100,000 cartons of Hopium supply incoming, take your doses accordingly below: 1. Timing of the SEC case is just weird, if anything is fishy, it probably is. Considering Ripple try

I've been holding XRP long enough to know that after a 10% drop in price over a day or two, people talk about broken promises.  After a 10% rise over a day or two, people talk about how XRP is The Sta

Warnings have been issued.  If you want to get personal with people on this forum you will find yourself without a place to discuss XRP.  Keep it civil those few who are not.  Last warning to those wh

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31 minutes ago, Raekwon said:

XRP always decides to get late to the party. 24 hours gains are gone and now dropping with the market. Maybe next time will be different lol

Yes I have noticed that happening.  The gains happen late and are then swamped in the correction other coins made earlier.  We are back below .24


Price is meaningless anyway, because without utility it has no foundations and is essentially an arbitrary choice based on what the arbitrary price was yesterday

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1 hour ago, Molten said:

Quite a little BTC dump overnight.  Will be watching today to see if current prices hold and look to buy both BTC and XRP if they do.


It is still pathetic that a whale liquidating his BTC short contracts tanks the entire crypto market at once. Shows how dumb/young and manipulated this market is.

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