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Charting the course of XRP


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14 minutes ago, Troote said:

Meh, losing interest to be honest. No momentum. The opportunities for an easy 3x or 5x like last year are kinda gone for the time being imho. Not much point risking money.

Yup. Save some fresh powder for the good times. Unless you are DCA'ing for long term

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3 hours ago, Coingecko said:

It's anyone's guess, but I wouldn't be surprised to see XRP fall out within the first 6 months of this year. 

*yawn* is the announcement of the lawsuit didn't do it. Nothing well. 

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1 hour ago, xrp-nuke said:

Who is Kyle?

He is one of the smartest guys on the internet lol.

I base that solely on reading his post. 

Or, he's the reincarnation of Satoshi :p

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On 1/13/2022 at 7:31 AM, Ripley said:

We hit 0.71. Hopefully we won’t hit those lower ones, but anything is possible.

We’ll continue to be choppy unless we move either above or below those noisy lines. At the moment, that would be ~0.85/0.86 on the high end and 0.76/0.75 on the low end.

Crypto market has had increased correlation with the equities market and so if one goes down, that might affect the other. Contagion risk. Both markets are at an all time high.

The best thing to do when markets are super bloated is to find assets that are undervalued by the market, or to entirely sit out the market for a few months to a couple of years and get in when everyone else is running scared.

Choose wisely, and best of luck everyone. Don’t expect markets to behave rationally.



If this level fails, expect to go down to 0.62-0.66 area.

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