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Charting the course of XRP


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14 hours ago, yugioh said:

His most recent update points to breaking off that triangle in December which makes sense to me because all I see is 2017 all over again. We just need to wait for some media frenzy and that’s when we know that market makers are in it for their final gains scooping 

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52 minutes ago, Ramforinkas said:

Yup. That's absolutely why there's no "TA gurus" here. 

Who needs 'em anyways, we have the almighty xrp-nuke.

You lost the punch,we have fish too:

6 minutes ago, Troote said:

I feel insulted! I am a TA guru and I never left! I am a fish though, not a bull.


By the way @Troote wins the pull back prediction!

@Ramforinkas looses it due to... well... he did nothing.

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1 hour ago, Ripley said:

I've never seen crypto market go up when the equity markets go down. Don't listen to so called influencers that claim that crypto is a hedge against inflation or is a diversification bet. It hasn't been, so far. Diversify into something else. 

Tbh I noticed it too, at some point they also realise that dollar is rising and no way BTC should go ATH.


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