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Charting the course of XRP


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8 minutes ago, Trentsteel said:

Note to mods: you’ve asked me not to reply to Trolls and for the best part I’ve done what you asked but, he’s an 🍆  

don't you know how to user ignore?  Hover over their avatar and use the option, then you don't see the comments and don't get baited. 

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On 9/9/2021 at 5:22 PM, w1s said:

S'okay, you can make fun of me np. All of your triangles are wrong. ALL OF THEM.

All of your speculations were/are/will be wrong. You lol at twitter people posting triangles, and you do the same.

XRP is 1.1$ today. 0.25$ tomorrow, 12$ in 25years. You're all wrong, you can not predict a crypto market. 

Bearish 100%


It’s funny how you say you can’t predict a crypto market… and yet then you make a statement saying that you win when it goes up and also when it goes down. Well, to win, you need to know the outcome, and therefore correctly predict the movements, both up AND down. 

Then you make ANOTHER assertion that is CERTAIN “100% bearish”. Hmmm, sounds like a prediction to me. Only difference is, everybody else is wrong and you’re right. Gonna share your crystal ball with us or are you here only to gloat and bully?

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I absolutely believe that a public forum will get abused by paid accounts to push people allready in doubt over the edge of selling when prices drop.

That is why certain (relatively new) accounts only get active during bottoms. 

So in a way you can't blame them. It is their job. And to be honest, the quality of fud is lacking with most. I don't think they are very expensive to hire.

/tinfoil hat off

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2 hours ago, xrp-nuke said:

Do I got it right? we had to close week above 200 daily to see some emga bull run and avoid breaking 42k. And we still ready break 42k? 🤣🤣🤣

Tech sector is expected to open higher in a few mins. Assuming it can hold that for a couple of days this week, BTC should follow. 

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