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Charting the course of XRP


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10 hours ago, jockeyng said:

I have been into the same thing, but I end up losing 35% of my stake.

In between the trip from $1.91 to $0.80, there is a lot of temptation making you think that you can make a quick buck. But I just time the market badly and then I want to chase back my loss. Your story maybe different, but for me, my edge is that I happen to buy XRP earlier than new joiners, never a trader myself.

The time in the market is more important than timing the market. I learn it the hard way.


I seem to have some clairvoyance or something then because I always “have a feeling” (must be just patterns I’m subconsciously recognizing) but 99% times I decide against doing anything at all because I’ve heard so many times that traders get burned. The few times I’ve done it this year I’ve always increased my stack, but I’ve only done it 4 times and it’s been with a small amount. 

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I created this earlier and thought I should share it here for your thoughts...

I feel stupid but now I know why this drop to test resistance was pretty much always on the cards. 

Just look at this move and pretend it was on the 30 min chart.

Seems perfectly normal right? 


I tried to find a similar pattern for an example and I found this...
(13th April 21 - 30m chart)

Then I realised how similar that fractal was to our 2018 to 2021 period but just a little compressed. 


So I have projected the same fractal onto our current time frame to get an idea of how our exit path looks from here. 4.thumb.jpg.08c2dd4fecaae8ea00dbc32fa6917fc4.jpg


And if you compare that to the fib extension from out 1.96 to 0.85c swing...

I'm feeling rather confident about this and I would certainly be happy with a $5.70(ish) target for our next move once we break out. 

It also shows that we could have a correction if/when we're rejected at ATH ($3.50ish) and fall back to around $2.20. So much more drama in store for the future.

Any thoughts on this?

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3 minutes ago, Wolfaolyth said:

already seen the same exact assumption on youtube 

But today we are tied to btc so...

The same idea as mine using an existing XRP fractal?

We might be tied to BTC today, but this projection doesn't show a path to the upside starting tomorrow or the next day, and I don't know about you, but I know how easily coins can move independently in an alt season.

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