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France Regulation - Interview with Domitille Dessertine Head of Fintech Innovation regulators at the French securities markets regulator (AMF)

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I got a kick out of the French Tax Man, when filing my French taxes back in 2017 and asked them about my crypto gains and at the time they had no idea how to tax it.   :crazy: All that has changed now

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Thanks for that JannaOneTrick.  At least France will soon have clarity, the same as the UK, and maybe more so


So we expect the intermediary regime to be ready by Fall this year more or less.

Sadly, I do not envisage the USA and the SEC to be as "prompt" as this anywhere in the very near future. Hopefully, these enlightened economies will spur them on, though I think that there are too many underlying issues, many of which we can only guess at, that will prevent the SEC from being decisive. I hope that I am wrong.

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