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12 hours ago, Molten said:

For example, if I wanted to view my local newspapers website without the annoying ads, or view ESPN without ads... is there any conceivable way that Coil could get involved in that way? 


In fact, I was surprised by Coil's decision to start and run their own blogging / content site.  The reason is that any site can make specific content only available for Coil users, or make the experience smoother (no ads) for Coil users.  The concept will require some sites to jump aboard 'first' and there's a few out there that have made the transition to monetization.  I'm just not sure how much premium (Coil-only) content they have yet at their sites. 

For now, there is coil.com, but any site can monetize using the same tools. 

For more info:



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35 minutes ago, Hodor said:

Before you dismiss the power of cat videos though ... over 3 million subscribers on "Tiger Productions:"

What about a double payment model for cat videos where the intended contributor and viewer both have to pay. Perhaps that will control the virus. That would prove a utility case for the IoV. 

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On 8/12/2019 at 11:47 PM, Julian_Williams said:

come on - this is funnier.  The Cat is BTC and The Rat is XRP?


The rat is the entire crypto market and the cat represents Trump/libra/congress/establishment instinct. Kill it , until you figure out that you really can't do it. Paper tiger.

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