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I’ll start off by saying I know this may not fall under the correct section however this is by far the most active topic and I could do with a reply asap.


The question going out is to anyone who has used Binance Jersey from England, depositing GBP. It is my understand that I should just be able to pay the funds via bank transfer since it’s a UK bank however I’m given all the info such as IBAN. 

I don’t see why I would get that and therefore am curious as to whether I’ll still have to do a SEPA transfer as apposed to an easy bank transfer. If so the bank fees are like £20 and defeats the object of my trying to use a free deposit service with binance. 


Any and all help appreciated, and suggestions of where I get get lowest overall purchase fees from fiat > XRP.

(Ps I’m actually no beginner but my trusted avenues through CB Pro are not viable right now and I’m hestotant to go through Revolut) <this May still be best bet

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