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Ripple leads the pack after XRPL validators get ranked

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On 8/11/2019 at 11:39 AM, karlos said:

The article doesn't give any link so here it is:


I stumbled upon this site and find the ranking very motivational to keep running my validator, having invested considerable time and money in doing so.
While the learning experience itself is rewarding, it's nice to see being ranked at #017 within a year - it's like hybrid proof-of-work-and-stake of sorts. ;)

The validating node suffered a crash due to a RAM failure around 0400 local time 'today' but I was able to get the node back in proposing state within 12 hours.
I don't have a formal RTO, but do have a day job and given that I'm on holidays - think I did reasonably well.

(edit: outage)


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"... Ripple, XRP's parent company"


sigh... apparently this has not been squashed. Why are they still referring to Ripple (the company) as the owners of XRP? I still see it everywhere. There was massive twitter war to correct this nonsense. 

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