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Hundreds of XRP Holders Petition Trump to "Stop Ripple Dumping"

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It not the politics than makes the man or woman, it is their humanity.  Look at the person, how they behave towards their enemies.  Do they have kindness behind their actions?  Without these things knowing their politics is pretty much worthless. 


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As tempting as it is to jump in to the fight, I'll just keep it light and say that I found it funny that this guy got all worked up ("Stop Ripple Dumping") two weeks after this:


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On 8/10/2019 at 11:57 PM, Trickery said:

Dear Brad,

                 I want to be rich off your efforts but I don't want to wait until your long term strategy comes to fruition so can you please do the most stupid thing I can think of and burn your war chest and all your other nice things so I can buy a lambo.

Yours sincerely

A Fukwit

OMG LMFAO.  Well played!

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On 8/13/2019 at 2:06 PM, Valhalla_Guy said:

It is called American History. Ever hear of “Jim Crow” and Seperate but equal” laws? Both Democrat platforms, and ideologies. 

How about “Segragation now! Segregation Tomorrow! Segregation Forever!” It is from Gov Wallace’s (dem) Campaign and inaugural address in Alabama. (Yes He won 4 times) Kennedy had to send the National Guard to push back the Alabama State police, and convince the governor that black children have every right to be educated, same as whites. 

Cost Kennedy his life.

Today you are taught to hate Robert E. Lee, but the only reason I can see that the Dems truly hate the man, is because he was among the first to allow black children into Sunday school, and he taught them how to read. The Democratic Gov imprisoned him for this (2 seperate times) because R. Lee was man that believed in powers higher than humans, and refused to deny education to anyone.

With whom do you believe the northerners fought the civil war against? I will give you a clue; Lincoln was a Republican, and the Dems could not believe they lost another election.

History repeats itself, and eats those who do not learn from it’s lessons. We are at the same point in history today, nothing has changed, dems still choose war over elections, when they  don’t go their way.

Try reading actual books... Liberals can only “white wash” the Internet, not book shelves. It is not a coincidence that illiteracy is always highest in the “blue cities.” Rather it is pure design.

So because I call out the alt right as the pathetic, victim-peddling, whiney, socialist losers they are, you assume I'm a leftist? Dear boy, you are hopelessly confused. The world is not binary. The alt-right sucking does not mean the left does not also suck just as hard. Suckiness is not a mutually exclusive characteristic. The alt-right and far left are nearly identical in their philosophical underpinnings and their overt collectivism. Both left and right come from a Hegelian world view which rejects and hates (classical) liberalism and individualism above all else. So trust me when I say, I have plenty of scorn for both right and left. 

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