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Hundreds of XRP Holders Petition Trump to "Stop Ripple Dumping"

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Are you tired of being underwater on your investment?  Do you have trouble sleeping at night knowing that others are getting rich while you remain stagnant?  Do you become irritable upon checking your

662 idiots and counting..

Ripple's Market Makers strategy was badly managed...instead of creating higher floors they just suppressed the up price action and "hoped" we wouldn't drop below 0.28 USD... Very very bad strateg

It is a two bladed sword. In short-term Ripple's decreasing XRP sales should restrict supply and hence the existing demand should push the price upwards. However, this action would decrease:

  • Ripple's growth
  • Indirect and direct investments of XRP ecosystem
  • The distribution of Ripple's XRP would be slower
  • Ripple's virtual signaling (miscellaneous donations)

So, if Ripple would stop its XRP selling completely then we should have a little bit better chance to see XRP in double digits within a year or so (assuming the crypto bull market keeps going on). I know everybody would hate to see this happen.

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But to demand a private company with investors to destroy valuable assets that will be used in the future (think 5-10 years out).....is just ignorant. Visionary CEO think long term. that is unless they are looking to sell the company then the short term goal would be to make itself look good and get all you can out of the deal.




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I don't get it...

Ripple couldn't care less if we (retail) buy XRP or not. Unlike most other DAs XRP wasn't intended for the retail market, the others need mass adoption to survive, XRP doesn't.

Our investment just isn't required for Ripple to achieve their cross border settlement goals.

Ripple owe us nothing

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This moron initiated the whole thing I guess because his predictions to his paying followers failed and so it must be someone else's fault not that he scammed them.

The whole petition thing is totally idiotic anyway. These idiots should just sell their bags, if they have any, and leave XRP alone.

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