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FedNow Implementation has No Adverse Effect on XRP’s Utilities – Analyst Clarifies


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No one is talking about the private company that has an account with the FED.  Please fast forward, and listen carefully to the 29:03 part of this link.. or the 52:01 part of Alex Cobb's livestream, this is where  Esther George (The president of the federal reserve bank of kansas) talks about how "we have a single provider for that service..."  and, " Making sure that they had access to a special account at the the federal reserve...".  I feel these pieces of information have been overlooked throughout media outlets. In my opinion, this is Huge!  am I the only one to notice the gravity of these statements? lets put it out there Content Creators. I should be Thanking you for all you do already, so Thanks you.

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7 hours ago, fednow said:

we have a single provider for that service...

Yes most interesting.   It’s not clear who that private entity is,  but it’s not impossible that it IS Ripple.

No guarantee of that though...  it could be Swift GPI or any of the big players really.  At the very least it is clear that interoperability is important and central to the new service.  So even if it is not Ripple as the central settlement provider there will be an interface for Ripplenet to use as part of this service.  So the end game in this area is ok no matter which way it goes I think.


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They are most likely talking about The Clearing House. TCH has been serving banks for almost 2 years and the FED does work with them. I've mentioned them several times in my videos.

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