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SBI VCTrade is live !

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5 hours ago, Xill said:

You believe in one scenario which is getting rich. I believe in both scenario, getting rich and also this is a ponzi scam. time will tell. for now XRP doesnt achieve it's target and at the same time they sell off. You guys need to wake up and ask the question I ask maybe it will get to David Chris and Brad. anyway I hodl if it goes to 0, I also hodl if it goes to the moon. I just dont like the fact they sell off. This whole forum should also not like the fact they sell off. but you protect them instead of asking why.

With all due respect, please don’t assume you know my intentions. I am already “rich” by most standards. 

I make a very decent salary. 

I don’t like anything that hinders me simply using my money to make more money. So no I don’t like that they sell off. But I am a realist... it is what it is. And purchased my XRP only after doing extensive research...  I bought knowing they do this. And will also hold long moon or zero. 

So remind me again why you call me a kid?

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22 hours ago, Ripple-Stiltskin said:

Congrats with the bronze shiny badge @FUD, well deserved, keep posting! 

( I think I speak for all of us here).

You didn’t answer my question. 

Who the hell you think you are to be speaking for all of people, and who the hell are you to tell others what to not write here? 





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19 hours ago, globalwatch2 said:

It's time to petition Brad G & Chris L to gv back to society with humanitarian deeds & earn Karma & blessings. The truth is: 100 bil xrp 'printed', at present value 0.30 = worth US$30 billions, the founders & directors pocketed billions, still releasg 1 bil coins = $300mil mnthly, creating a glut, inflation & low xrp prices. Isn't it too centralised & profiting? How many customers & Gov'ts would condone that?  New coins & banks & gov'ts will rise to compete too! Beware! Pls let's be vigilant & charitable.

Stop going around and posting this garbage everywhere you crazy baboon. I've had enough of you. State your opinion/argument once and that is enough.

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