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SBI VCTrade is live !

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If i'm reading these tweets correctly there are at least three positive signs that SBI is going to encourage more volume to their XRP/JPY pairing: 1) If you check the video in below XRP/JPY pairi

What's the gawddamn problem here?! I thought we were ALL just betting on the fastest, quickest, strongest, leanest, most handsomest, largest caulked horse on the track! And XRP  is.... and t

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By the  title i deducted. Platform will be live now, noone will be on it, just som bots chillin and vips, then accounts of peasants will come in september and chill the **** out with bots and vips, and then in 2020 they turn up the volume.

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That is solid 4.55$ per xrp in the end of 2020. Good times.

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translator says:


SBI Holdings announced on September 30 the first quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2020 (April-June) that the virtual currency exchange SBI VC Trade (formerly SBI Virtual Currency) will be The company announced that it will be transferred to SBI Securities under the second quarter.
SBI VCTRADE pursues synergy with SBIFX Trade based on the prospect that the provision of leveraged trading falls under the Type 1 Financial Instruments Business.
He also stated that SBI VC Trade's board trading is scheduled for July 31st. The target currency pairs are XRP / Yen, BTC / Yen, ETH / Yen.
The account opening campaign, etc. will start in earnest after autumn, in light of the fact that investigation of the cause of the new unauthorized outflow case at Bitpoint Japan has not progressed.
Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings, stressed that the digital asset business contributed to financial results. He cited the recovery of the virtual currency market and "the ecosystem is almost complete."
In the first quarter, SBI VC Trade's pre-tax profit was ¥ 2,207 million, and the pre-tax profit of SBI Crypto, which conducts mining operations, was ¥ 844 million.
In addition, T points were used to promote the use of the following group companies, and it was revealed that the aim is to acquire young monks users effectively.

In addition, the development of mining equipment is progressing well, and it is announced that sample production will be started soon.
[Related article: SBI Financial Results | The first year of the virtual currency exchange SBIVC returns to profitability, strengthens alliance with Ripple, announces prospects of mining and STO]
Postscript: 20th 30 minutes
Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings, made the following comments on Bitcoin, Etheriam, and XRP in SBI VC Trade.
"The virtual currency has no fundamental value starting with bitcoin at first, and so does XRP and / or Ether, but there are (practical) practical uses. So there is a possibility that the value can be extracted in various ways. I don't think it's at least Bitcoin .... If it's used as a payment currency, Bitcoin won't go that far, it's going to go up in half life and it's going to be difficult. "
Kitao believes that increasing the type of virtual currency he is dealing with will not only make a profit but will increase the risk. SBI announced in April that it will use the following three criteria for the new trading currency:
・ In principle, the market capitalization is over 500 billion yen (the low market capitalization has the risk of illegal transaction distribution by 51% attack)
・ There is no prospect of unhealthy hard forks etc.
・ In addition to the above, it is decided in consideration of liquidity, safety, profitability, etc.
On the other hand, the current currency pairs for trading are XRP / Yen, BTC / Yen, ETH / Yen, but in the future we have shown a policy to increase the number of trading targets including “virtual currency / virtual currency pairs”


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