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Thanks Hodor.Β  I cannot take in so much information in one go!

All these good news stories are like logs on a fire that isn't burning.Β  Q2 looks very promising and as you say there seems to have been a signal from Ripple to investors that they have at last noticed that the vol of OTC sales of XRP have been disrupting the market.Β  It is satisfaction enough for meΒ  to just watch the logs go on, and I will miss these low investment prices when they are gone.Β  But some investor are now so frustrated that they begin to get bitter and believe the FUD.Β  I find myself feeling more and more confident.Β 

Now, who is it that is hiding those matches?


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So a little blurb in the Q2 report is on the SEC finally making a move to start getting a little brighter on what’s going on. People are quick to point out how slow Ripple is at getting stuff done but take a look at what it’s like to work with the US government. A read of the SEC’s solicitationΒ to support its efforts to monitor risk, improve compliance, and inform Commission policy with respect to digital assets is mind numbing. Written by lawyers for lawyers.



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