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MEMO take down squad 😂

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Sadly, it's not that convenient. After a reboot, a server needs ~5 minutes to re-sync to the network. More importantly, the performance characteristics of a server that has everything it needs in

This is from their discord group Anon Brigade  XRP RAID  This sub channel is for brain storming the best method for conducting this operation. First we need to establish the goals, then setu

*Eloquently written from his mom's basement*

17 minutes ago, n0rdz said:

Absolutely.. was just giving people a heads up of what's currently the plan in motion for these BTC & LINK Maxi's.

I find Link maxis to be very weird. I mean I don’t know much about it but they’ve been trolling the Xrp community for like 2 years now. But they hide in the shadows like creatures. It wasn’t until link had its price increase as of late. That they are more open. I mean it may be a good project but I still find them to be an odd bunch

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2 hours ago, mandelbaum said:

Two words: RICO act. This idiot has already comitted a crime by putting this out there, and made it a lot worse for themselves by telling others to participate.

Attackers should be aware that all XRP wallets are activated by another wallet, which creates forensic evidence trail. And the funds that are needed for the transactions also comes from some origin, creating another evidence trail. And they are cryptographically signing the malicious transactions with their secret key, which is evidence in court.

These 'hackers' are risking a very long jail time when their plan has the desired effect.

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What I don't understand is why there is capacity for unlimited memo size per transaction in the first place. The XRP ledger is a payment network, not a storage network. In my view, the ledger should have a small per transaction memo limit. 

Any hash of data could be stored, if need be, but keep the underlying off the chain... Storage networks can then be tied to the XRP ledger of need be, without necessary cost to the ledger

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Seems that they already tried it on 22 July already :

looking at the account that activated rJ383ZRZ1o4KCZKtDH2MDFehhaXKaiaDBu,


point to : https://xrpscan.com/account/rPSwPXyDYELvAYKDE9JTTm8DnkqqBAWkDx

We can see all the transactions on 22 / 07 between 22h50 and 22h53. 



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error on account rJ383ZRZ1o4KCZKtDH2MDFehhaXKaiaDBu
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