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MEMO take down squad 😂

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Sadly, it's not that convenient. After a reboot, a server needs ~5 minutes to re-sync to the network. More importantly, the performance characteristics of a server that has everything it needs in

This is from their discord group Anon Brigade  XRP RAID  This sub channel is for brain storming the best method for conducting this operation. First we need to establish the goals, then setu

*Eloquently written from his mom's basement*

Also consider another thought that the person in charge of the operation could be setting a trap for anyone who decided to participate. I see the 100x leverage shorts and promoting illicit files to the blockchain. Either this guy is serious and is going to fail miserably or he is a strategist setting a trap

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18 minutes ago, Fleshmeister said:

Boring? I spent the whole night reading about this. It's super interesting. To Each His own :rofl:

You are correct i wrote YAWN BORING BUD SINCE THEN IM READING GITHUB AND DOCUMENTATION ABOUT THIS, ;D  pull request was approved at least... I will have to read up more on fees and some spam protection we have in place now... seems like its something i neglected as well. Tought  fees would be enough to discourage people from spam in itself, bud the more I look at the the more i feel for people who run full history validators, Im not one of them so i dont care about this,,, bud i hella would....

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