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David Schwartz popped into the Alex Cobb chat today to answer some questions.

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Circle trolling in the contrarian echochamber, lol. 

Don’t know, didn’t watch it yet and maybe I won’t, I’m way too impatient for vids. It’s just funny that 3 members stating “ I don’t care” do take the time to troll and circle cry in here.  Reminds me

Never seen one of these before....  holy crap it’s a license to print money for Alex.  Unlike popular culture seems these days,  I don’t mind other folk succeeding so that’s fine as far as I’m concerned, more power to him.

I found it funny to watch him get flabbergasted at having David there...  but I would be too,  so I can’t criticise him for that.

I was a bit disappointed he didn’t ask any deeper questions because I think David is a very honest and straightforward guy so he tends to give perhaps too much away some times...  I was hoping for a bit of that.  But I think my mind would have been a bit preoccupied too if I were him,  so it’s perfectly understandable.

All up the YouTube guys are not my cup of tea so I won’t be normally watching but I did enjoy the bit I watched.  Congrats to Alex for the coup.

I did like how grateful and respectful he was to a man I respect enormously.  :JC_doubleup:

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I actually think that its good to see holders not caring about news or long time holders become sellers...i have seen more and more of this over the past couple of months. This historically has been a great contrarian indicator for other types of assets. It may take some time, but low investor confidence combined with expanded and improving utility is a nice recipe for success looking ahead. Perhaps not now, but soon. For all those people out there that are complaining that ripple and their employees are screwing us over by selling XRP, do you actually believe they are like lemmings jumping off a cliff and want low XRP prices?? Do you really think the capitalist VCs behind the scenes don't want to see the massive XRP hoard be worth more than $0.30 a piece? Their incentives for XRP could not be more aligned with anyone holding it!

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6 hours ago, Dario_o said:

DS basically said that he thinks there's no issue (from a regulatory point of view) for Moneygram to start using xRapid for their internal treasury activities.

I hate watching vids too.  Is this the only thing of material that DS covered?

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