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Yeah, I have a small amount of my holdings (about 4 - 5%) in Revolut in case I find myself away from my Ledger Nano S for a period of time that coincides with a parabolic run up. It's dead easy to switch back to fiat on your phone to cash in at least some gains. There may be a better way to achieve the same goal.

You can also use it to spend as fiat, if you're into that sort of thing.

Trouble is, you can't withdraw to any other wallet, so I won't put any more in there (my long-term stash was purchased elsewhere and stored offline). When they first added crypto, they made it seem like withdrawal was on the roadmap, but 18 months on and I've seen no evidence of that becoming a reality.

Plus, despite being FCA regulated (in the UK), their crypto deposits aren't insured, unlike say Coinbase. So you're trusting that they won't get hacked. And as an aside, from recent articles, it seems they're not the most ethical employer either. Doesn't instil overall confidence.

Basically they're convenient, but they come with a whole stack of caveats.

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thanks, i used for the same reason, i have a ledger wallet with thew bulk of stock on it but now i want to move my revolut xrp to me nano s and i dont thunk its possible !

do you think it best to cash them in and then re purchase through an exchange ? 

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If your aim is to get them all offline, then yeah, I'd probably convert them to euros and send on to an exchange. Do it in a period when the price is going down and you may even end up with a few extra zerps to cover the fees!

But be prepared to lose a small amount of your total in case that doesn't work out (ie in fees and exchange rate).

Personally, I'm leaving my small percentage in Revolut for the aforementioned reasons until Coinbase get their act together and add XRP in UK.

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