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Is this info provided by known Bitcointalk ripple fudder true?


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3 minutes ago, Branko said:


If not, it would be nice if someone knowledgeable responds

Ripple devs are already on it: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/pull/3007

This is yet another pathetic attempt from certain people in the crypto space to hamper progress. 

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Take it seriously, it is projected that more and more people will be eternally imprisoned due to scams and misdemeanors due to the wild wild west of new technology seeming like a free for all.... odds are it will be easier to jail these criminals than the ones that dealt fiat, gold, clamshells, or.... wait for it......... tulip bulbs!

Think, don't stink!

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1 hour ago, Sukrim said:

Too much spam and insults ("fudder") here, not going to answer this one.

Because he is...that guy is doing nothing on btctalk forum, but trash XRP and promote BSV and Craig Wright

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