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What New MoneyGram’s Expansion Means for Ripple XRP’s Price and Success


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20 hours ago, Sporticus said:

I have owned XRP for several years now, since 16, when I saw it on Bitstamp and I thought it was an insect beverage.

  I have made quite a lot of money off of it. But I would have been better off to have just left my position and gone back over to Lite Coin, where I made a lot more money. 

I hate Bitcoin on principal, its the klepto-crypto.  I am for some reason loyal to XRP.  

(I wish I could say it is because of the "community", but I come from the old BTCE troll box and most of you guys seem like  morons and I would not even urinate in your beer glass if your stomach was on fire.) 

I guess out of habit, I like to look at the XRP charts, and I believe in many of the concepts, but Ripple does little to protect its true investors, us baghodlers.

 XRP  continues to slip in relation to the total Crypto market cap. After a while Ripple  just cannot maintain the continued hype sufficient to attract investors.  Much of it has to do with the obvious fact, XRP fits within the Howie definition and, but for, its centralization to to defend the litigation and maintain some direction, it would go back down into the teens.  The company has let out oodles of cheap coins and continues to dump mega amounts into the market to fund its operations. 

But, I have seen it being outrun before and then it would take off.  But now it is so diffusely placed and there is always tremendous sale pressure as all the bots dump with every incremental rise. 

But it will rise again and we will be rewarded.  But this time I am dumping too.


When does 3 years count for several years???? That alone discounts anything you just said as utter BS!!!

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