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Where can i buy ALV?


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You can buy it with your XRP Account directly on DEX. You can use every wallet, that supports trading on DEX. (ToastWallet; Harbor Wallet; Bithomp Tools; Gatehub, ….)

You need to add a trustline:

Currency:         ALV
Counterparty:  raEQc5krJ2rUXyi6fgmUAf63oAXmF7p6jp
Limit Value:     100,000,000

For more information: https://allvor.org/add-a-trust-line/

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4 hours ago, mandelbaum said:

https://www.okex.com/ has ALV listed.

That is not the same coin as allvor .. Same symbol but different coin altogether ..


In fact there seems to be at least a couple with the same symbol as ALV - alluva



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Allvor is listed on:

1) puplic exchange: (centralized exchange with registration process and KYC)
Criptohub (https://dashboard.criptohub.com.br/trade/ALV-BRL)

2) DEX (on XRPL) (decentralized exchange without registration process)
you must add an trustline for your XRP address.


I suggest to trade on DEX. You only need a wallet, which is able to trade on DEX. (ToastWalletHarbor WalletBithomp ToolsGatehub, ….)


When Allvor is listed on two puplic exchanges, ALV can be listed on Coinmarketcap

It's a shame that XRP based exchanges (BitrueCoinfield, ...) do not list ALV.!!



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