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Pre-Development Activities that Ensure Crypto Exchange Business Success

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When starting a crypto exchange business, investors often overlook the pre-development aspects. They directly dive into the development process to beat the competition by immediately launching the platform in the market. As a result, the platform meets with low adoption, below-average performance, and legal issues. 

However, by paying attention to the following pre-development steps, they can ensure the platform’s success with comprehensive and efficient development. 

Pre-development Factors: Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 

Legal counsel and license requirements

It is necessary to understand the legal and regulatory requirements for developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform. You should avail the services of a legal firm that specializes in fulfilling licensing requirements applicable in your regional jurisdiction. 

In some countries, crypto exchanges operate without much restrictions and oversight imposed by governments and regulations. However, in countries like the US, exchange operators need to be licensed traders and must comply with the requirements laid down by regulators like SEC and CFTC. 

In this situation, consulting an industry-specialist attorney saves you from all the legal headache. 

Gather enough capital to support the venture

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