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"Xpring's historical focus has been around the first two, so the inclusion of 'decentralized finance' is very important. Given Ripple's ability - and inclination - to follow-through on investments to quickly build market presence and share, separately listing 'decentralized finance' demands analysis."

ο»Ώ"Consider the fact that, for the past year, this category has not been given an equivalent amount of attention and focus as ILP and XRP Ledger development tools and resources. There were mentions of a Codius reboot, but not much in the way of public-facing progress."

I've been wondering the same thing lately!!!Β What happened to the Codius reboot??Β After all,Β David Schwartz didΒ stateΒ (26:37 – 28:18) that they had most of the Codius built, however, Ripple did not have the engineering resources/bandwidth to fully execute CodiusΒ within Ripple. He alluded to the opportunity that they could partner with a business/entity through xPring to help further the execution of the platform. I'm wondering if xPring's investment into the Agoric smart contract platform is Ripple's angle to bringing Codius mainstream in attempt to re-capture some of the smart contract market share from the likes of Ethereum, EOS, IOST, and Cardano?Β 


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