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Toast Wallet, Please Help


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Hello everyone

I installed the toast app on my iphone. Lost my phone. Brought a new one and restored phone via icloud.

Opened toast wallet. I get this page as attached.

This was my 1st wallet i opened and i know understand i didnt save my recovery phase.

But i do have my Passphrase and password. but can not for the life of me find where to type it on on the app.

One Button creates a new wallet

One button wants a backup code

Other Offline transaction.



Thanks in advance



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Have you got an iPhone backup?   If so and you are really lucky you might be able to restore from backup and use your password.  

I hope so for your sake.  Good luck to you. 

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Did you check here? https://toastwallet.com/faq

Your recovery phase is useless without the backup. See 9:07 of the video below.

If you have your secret key (starts with s, something like shown below (generated on testnet before people get excited...)) then just add existing address after you click on create new wallet...






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