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Docs for my Ripple-Wallet


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recently, i started to compose some simple Guides for my Ripple-wallet, and posting them Steem platform.

I think it would be good to cross-posting them here.

Table of Content:

Background & Introduction

  1. Overview, Network, Account.
  2. Account Info
  3. Managing Trustlines
  4. Making Payment
  5. Trading / Exchange




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Hi RippleRM,

I think you should be aware of the following, if you are not already. I do not think that Ripple has a concept of Identity. I have been looking carefully at both UPort, BlockchainID and IPFS. Most blockchains are not designed for data which is not say, buy/sell transaction data, like numbers representing a personal ledger. There must be a term for this.

With the advent of Ethereum there has been a move to put 'data stuff' either directly in the transaction (a marriage licence) or the hash of data stored off-chain. Another example, is putting DNS zone records into a private Blockchain.

From this perspective it is likely that the following research will find itself in the Browsers for Internet 2.0.

1: UPort - http://whitepaper.uport.me/uPort_whitepaper_DRAFT20170221.pdf

2: Blockchain ID - https://github.com/blockstack/blockchain-id/wiki/Blockchain-Auth

New age browsers will have wallets and Identity management. UPort will has open source available today and will release a new version soon.

If Factom is going to integrate into Ripple then I expect they too, will be following this work.

Does anyone have technical or outreach contacts at Factom?

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To anyone looking for a quick and easy cold wallet setup, I highly recommend this. 

the html file is very non-tech user friendly

I have a raspberry pi B+ which i currently use for Kodi. I bought a fresh microsd card, took out the usb wifi adapter and installed raspbian -boom fresh computer never been online, pop out the sd card when you are done signing the transaction and it will never go online.

 For about $5 now-a-days you can get a 8gb micro sd card, which is more than enough space. 

If you have a raspberry pi laying around, this method will cost you $5, if not then $35, but you can turn the pi into a kodi box afterwards (smoothstreams ftw)

Ripplerm has added qr code support, which is awesome for ease of transferring the signed transaction blob over to an online pc with minimum fuss.

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1 hour ago, Malloy said:

Hey @ripplerm, Nice job

If I want to use it locally, can I install the package on my computer or do I need a server?

Is there a 200 limits offer or can we change the limit (see discussion here https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/3061-the-200-limit/ )

I'd really like to give it a test drive. Thanks


for me, just open the index.html with firefox will do... no need server.

or you can also serve it locally... the simplest way to serve the apps in nodejs is  `npm install -g http-server` , then browse to the app folder, run `http-server`, and you can access the wallet with browser on localhost:8080


I didn't set limit on this client, but there's most cerntainly a limit from server side. If you want to get more than the limit, you had to edit my code to send repeated requests... however, I don't think showing more lines with this GUI apps is a good idea... it will probably crash the browser.

maybe i could consider adding some pagination function next time.

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16 minutes ago, Kakoyla said:


How does the message function work? Does this just put the message into the memo field of a tx or is there a different method? Is the message readable by anyone or is it private? 

Thanks in advance

Currently the messaging tools work by sending a payment (1drop) to receiver, with the message attached in Memo. Hence the message is publicly readable by everybody.

in future, I might add some encrypting/decrypting option to the tools.

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