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Egypt & Ripple - a corridor one day?

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1 hour ago, MisterRipple said:

I never came to this thought, but what is SWIFT would create a digital asset?
They have all the customers.. Just build the tech and checkmate Ripple? 


Ahhh you just blew it. Swift probably reads this forum also and now will wipe out Ripple.

ps. If they could they would. They started research in blockchain in 2018 and stopped some months after that deeming it not viable. A digital asset is one aspect of Ripple solving liquidity, the other is Ripplenet itself which is leaps ahead of the Swift network. They are allready having a tough time upgrading that to 21st century standards, with Swift GPI being a first attempt.

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Hi,  SWIFT can create as many cyrpto coins/tokens as they like,,, having a platform to run them on is a different prospect, many Patent protected rails means they would most probably collab with an existing network.  Another relevant issue is Sharia compliance which Stellar & it's Lumens have already attained as a non profit organization. 

Imho   Mr Garlinghouse could talk the hind legs off a Camel so will probably beat Stellar by a Nile   :i-m_so_happy:


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