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XRP to $20, different perspective

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On 6/27/2019 at 6:27 PM, Yodaxrp said:

Agree totally with you. My march 2020 is not actually a prediction. More an approx date based on the fact (following the opinion of certain ta guys) that xrp works in 273 days cycles.

I think I agree with you on this the closer we approach year's end. It's looking like anywhere between Dec - March could be the time we enter a bull market again unless some type of MAJOR catalyst (possibly December) sparks an XRP run. 

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Bitcoin has been on fire these past few months, and XRP for the majority of the time has remained static. This called into question, "Why?" The same thing happened in late 2017, early 2018 where XRP r

@Cesar1810 I am really digging that you remember this thread as I was thinking about this the other day. As from my previous post in this thread, the theory stood that XRP moves in cycles with BTC. As

Working theory. Everyone is asking. "Wen moon?" Well the theory is when XRP measured in BTC pulls back 95%, XRP enters into a full raging bull. This has been the case the only 2 times in XRP's trading

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1 hour ago, ObeyTheWafflehouse said:

I think I agree with you on this the closer we approach year's end. It's looking like anywhere between Dec - March could be the time we enter a bull market again unless some type of MAJOR catalyst (possibly December) sparks an XRP run. 

Digital CBDC's /stablecoins issued by Kava and backed by XRP?

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1 hour ago, XRPboi said:

Digital CBDC's /stablecoins issued by Kava and backed by XRP?

There's so much information behind scenes that it could literally be anything CBDCs, whitehouse, SDRs, IMF, regulations, etc. Ripple has influence in so many entities that it could be anything that provides a catalyst. 

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On 6/8/2019 at 0:13, ObeyTheWafflehouse said:

Teoría de trabajo. Todos están preguntando. "¿Wen Moon?" Bueno, la teoría es que cuando XRP medido en BTC retrocede un 95%, XRP entra en un toro furioso. Este ha sido el caso las únicas 2 veces en el historial comercial de XRP.

Cuando se comparan los gráficos uno al lado del otro, hay dos señales a tener en cuenta.

1. El XRP medido en BTC será inferior a .00001000. Estaremos aproximadamente al 95% del retroceso.

2. Cuando XRP se rompe por encima de la línea de resistencia medida en USD. Dependiendo de la línea de tiempo, XRP rompe por encima de la resistencia al norte de .45 centavos. 



Mi primera señal es una alerta establecida cuando la medida del precio de XRP en BTC cae por debajo de .00001000. Como puede ver, tenemos un par de meses fuera, pero parece que antes de EOY podemos entrar en un toro furioso. 

Any chance to see the updated xrp / usd chart? Thank you very much for the contributions. hodl

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14 hours ago, ObeyTheWafflehouse said:

@ Cesar1810  Realmente estoy cavando para que recuerdes este hilo ya que estaba pensando en esto el otro día. A partir de mi publicación anterior en este hilo, la teoría sostenía que XRP se mueve en ciclos con BTC. Como se predijo, todavía estoy esperando que la acción del precio XRP vs BTC caiga (~ 95%) como se indica en la tabla a continuación. El cuadro con la flecha hacia abajo indica la línea de soporte que preveo que el precio de XRP vs BTC también se retraerá. Tengo una alerta que establecer en .000015 para informarme cuándo / si se alcanza el precio objetivo. 


La cuña de formación que publiqué al principio de este hilo rompió la línea de soporte. Rediseñé la línea que creo que es la nueva línea de soporte. El precio debe mantener esta línea, pero si se rompe, podemos ver nuevamente .08 - .13 centavos (USD) nuevamente. Subí este gráfico de un diario a un semanal. 


En cuanto al tiempo, predije que el toro para XRP sería EOY a principios de año. Sin embargo, arrojé precaución al viento porque el panorama criptográfico siempre está cambiando. Nuevamente, lo que estoy buscando es cuando XRP / BTC llega a .000015, y luego espero la corrida de toros. Esto podría estar bien en el próximo año en algún momento.

Como se dijo anteriormente, Ripple se mueve de una manera misteriosa que está relativamente oculta al público. Cualquier cosa podría provocar una corrida masiva (federales, FMI, recesión, etc.).

En cuanto al consejo, ¡ten paciencia! Ripple está literalmente tratando de cambiar el mundo, y el cambio no se produce de la noche a escala global. 

Excellent post, thanks.

I think the most likely scenario for this would be for bitcoin to resume its ATH. that would leave us in those levels of xrp / btc that we expect.

Needless to say, it happens next! my humble opinion! hold

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5 minutes ago, rippledude said:

So the next xrp run up will not be utility driven?  It will be based off of bitcoin?

I think there will eventually be a utility-driving-speculation run for XRP at some point (possibly inside a year).  Before then there could also be the long awaited bull run led by Bitcoin which should drive all coins up to some degree or other.

One will be Bitcoin led and the other will be XRP led,  or XRP only.   I think XRP ramp up volumes will make a support for price that trends slightly upward...  on top of that the speculators will notice it and jump on board to cause general fomo for XRP.  So in my mind the XRP price will slightly rise for a while as utility volumes steadily ramp up.  Then it will go parabolic as the market reacts.

The bull run on the other hand is likely going to be led by BTC...  and could happen anytime.

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On 5/9/2020 at 2:30 AM, ObeyTheWafflehouse said:


Sigh... I did hope it should have been a double bottom instead of that descending triangle. The price was  ranging from 2k4 to 3k for almost half a year which is good to be the final bottom actually. And again, the whales destroyed the set up.  Even when XRP drops almost 90% of its value compare to BTC since 2018, the XRP whales still want to push it down... That's quite a bit disgusting especially for long term HOLDER as even if XRP jumps to 2 USD right now, it will be simply the same gain as BTC did.

The whales have few candles to change their mind to make it look like a bear trap, but I doubt so.. If it happens, it might be a big drop in BTCUSD and XRPUSD will drop as well.. That's also not what we want, but that's how they run from Alts to Bitcoin then to USD, rinse and repeat. I hope they will prove me wrong (again, hopium)

At this moment, I'd like to see the CEO come out and comment about XRP price. We need a strong leader at the moment of disappointments, take some action, give some belief rather than putting himself into a sue with YouTube which to be honest, solve nothing for me. Of course, those legal action cost some valuable money to Ripple at this moment when they're no longer in good position to distribute XRP to us and their profit from selling software are not there yet.

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