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No, the data is several Terabytes at the moment. There is not yet a way to share it deterministically and I don't want to put out something like a BitTorrent file or IPFS hash if there's no real way to verify its contents.

I can offer to buy a large HDD from Amazon, put a full node_db on there (so you can use it for importing via import_db) and ship it worldwide for 1 BTC (price unchanged for several years now!). Alternatively you can of course make me an offer.

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Wietse was full time syncing from the network for about 6 months according to this tweet https://twitter.com/wietsewind/status/1027957804429193216. Maybe you should get in touch with him @xrptipbot and see if you can get the file (but mind the possible gap(s)) or ledger shards (see below) or pay Sukrim 1 BTC :). By the way did anyone take your offer? :)

The volume of Txs is picking up and in the future even more so, so I'm not surprised that this is approx. 250 dyas now. According to Ripple (https://xrpl.org/configure-full-history.html#warnings & https://xrpl.org/capacity-planning.html#network-and-hardware) it was approx. 9 TB in November 2018 and growing by approx. 12 GB/day. 

While many are asking the question when moon, some should be poking Ripple folks with questions (https://xrpl.org/ledger-history.html#history-sharding) when deterministic shards!? Rippled 5.8.9?


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19 hours ago, crypto_deus said:

By the way did anyone take your offer? :)

Nobody took it not even tried to negotiate. I guess it is either not as important to some people to have full history as they claim or they are willing to wait months for it and pay a lot in hosting costs while waiting too.

It is also weird, if I charged these hours of work using the normal rates at the company I work at, it wouldn't be that much cheaper either, and we're not that expensive... so I'd say it is not a very outrageous price to begin with and I'd be definitely willing to do it cheaper too. Yet there has been 0 contact from anyone once I write I would do work for them for money(!).

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